This Mother is the Only Black Woman in the World to Have Two White Babies


By Victor Trammell

The odds of a black woman giving birth to a white child are millions-to-one, according to science.

However, a black mother of Nigerian descent who lives in England has defied the laws of modern genetics after giving birth to not one, but two babies who can easily pass as white children. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail Online, Catherine Howarth, 35, is the mother of a son and daughter who both have blue eyes and white skin.

Mrs. Howarth, a financial analyst  is married to a white man named Richard Howarth, 37, who works as an engineer. The couple has appeared on British television to tell their story about their son Jonah and daughter Sophia. Mrs. Howarth told the Daily Mail about how shocked she was to give birth to two miracle babies.

“When Jonah was born, a genetic specialist said he was a one-in-a-million baby. He said it was extraordinary with my African background that I’d had a child with blue eyes and pale skin,” Mrs. Howarth said.

“He calculated the possibility of it happening again was less than one in a million. So when Sophia was born with white skin and blue eyes I was more than taken back with shock. It seems the odds of it happening twice are millions-to-one. No one has heard of a black mom having two white babies one after the other,” she continued.

Mr. Howarth also told the Daily Mail about how he felt about the extraordinary genetic feat, which has been accomplished by his happy family.

“While it is interesting how the genes have aligned themselves, it doesn’t matter to us what color our children’s skin is. We just feel incredibly lucky to have a beautiful son and daughter. Having healthy and happy kids is all that matters,” he said.

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