This New Google Extension Will Lead You Right to Black-Owned Retailers


By: Krystle Crossman

When people in the black community are shopping online, they want to shop from a retailer that is black-owned. It puts money back into the black community and promotes the success of entrepreneurs from all over the country. Unfortunately it can be hard to find black-owned businesses by just doing a simple Google search. A lot of research has to go into finding these specific businesses and many people do not have the time to do this. Angie Coleman was in the same boat and so she came up with a great solution that is catching on.

Coleman decided that she was going to create an extension for Google that would show shoppers exactly where they could purchase the products that they are looking for. The extension is called BuyBlack. When it is installed on your computer an icon will show up on your browser that is a solidarity fist. When you search for a product such as “candles” you can click on the fist icon and it will bring up a list of black-owned retailers that you can purchase a candle from.

Coleman is a 26-year-old CodeHS account manager. She hails from San Francisco, CA. Coleman feels that if the government isn’t going to pay reparations for all of the slave labor that happened in history the black community needs to step up. She says that black shoppers need to work together to support all of the entrepreneurs and business owners so that they can help to build the economy together. The list that Coleman put together showcases over 300 different stores and businesses that feature a variety of products. She had a team help her put this list together and it is growing all the time.

What Coleman hopes the extension will do is bring back the buying power to the black community. She stated that even though 27% of the black population lives in poverty the spending amount at black-owned retailers is predicted to rise to $1.2 trillion over the next few months. She hopes that this will help shoppers find retailers that will put money back into the black-owned economy. She also hopes that they will be able to spread the word about these retailers that may be hard to find so that they will obtain even more customers.



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