This Rare Disorder Blocks All $exual Advances and is Incurable by Medicine


By: Krystle Crossman

When a woman is [email protected] it can leave emotional scars that may never heal. It can leave physical scars that are a reminder of the incident. It can also cause a rare disorder that makes it so the woman’s body immediately closes off any s*xual advances no matter what you do. It is called vaginismus. Savannah Brady experienced this disorder and shared her experience and how she finally got through it.

One night when Brady was 18 years old she had a male friend over when her parents were away. She trusted him and thought that they were going to watch a movie and maybe kiss a little. Unfortunately the college-aged male had other plans. He pinned her to the couch and forced himself on her. She kept saying “no” but he didn’t seem to hear it. Brady told her parents about it and began seeing a therapist for the emotional scarring that it had left. She joined an advocacy group for women the next year so that she could share her story and help others.

In late 2007 she met a man named Dave and started a relationship with him. After some time it was finally time for the “big night”. Brady was nervous and wasn’t sure that she could go through with it. When it came time her legs clenched and all of the muscles in pelvis clamped shut. She had to physically force her legs open and even then the muscles wouldn’t relax. She would try unsuccessfully to sleep with Dave five times before he left.

She saw a gynec*logist in 2010 and was diagnosed with the disorder which blocks any s*xual intercourse from happening. The doctor gave her a kit with plastic dilators in it and a small packet of lubr!cant. She told her to log her attempts but Brady was too scared to ever use it. She went through the year explaining to men who hit on her that she had this disorder and that they would not be getting anywhere with her.

In 2011 Brady met Paul. He was a caring man who didn’t balk at her story. He continued to date her and was respectful of her situation. After six months of being together they tried to have a special night together. He was very patient and after a while she finally was able to hold her legs open so that they could do what she had been trying to do for years. As time went on she became more and more relaxed and finally she got to the point where she felt “normal” again. All it took was the right guy with the right mindset to help her break the disorder.



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