This Treadmill Can Instantly Shed 80% of Your Body Weight


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By: Krystle Crossman

If you are overweight or have weak joints, you know that running on a treadmill can end up being a painful experience. But now there is a new treadmill that is made by the company AlterG that helps with that. It is an anti-gravity treadmill that can reduce your weight by up to 80%! You will feel like you are half your weight or more while you are walking in this treadmill. It is very helpful with physical therapy patients.

When you step on the treadmill, you have an inflatable ring around your midsection. This connects to a giant inflatable bag on the treadmill that will compress the air and essentially lift you off the ground, much like an astronaut who is on the moon. You will feel lighter and will be able to walk/run without stress on your joints. The concept was originally developed in the 90s for NASA astronauts to help them learn how to work out in anti-gravity settings and condition them. Now it is used for physical therapy, to help morbidly obese patients who don’t want to exercise because it is so strenuous and even athletes such as runners and football players.

These treadmills are very useful for patients who have had surgeries such as total knee or hip replacements. Instead of sitting around and not being able to exercise, they are able to get in a great workout while still promoting healing of the joint that they had surgery on. One physical therapist in Louisiana said that he had some patients who were extremely obese who balked at the thought of exercising but now whine when they have to get off of the machine. It is a small step for those wanting to lose weight, but a huge step for those wanting to lead healthier lives.



  1. I have had a total hip replacement and now there are certain things I cannot do, but I imagine the price on this machine is out of this world too. I noticed you left the price out.

    • Krystle Crossman on

      I looked for a price on their website but they are not listed. From what I have gathered from different forums the price is $75,000-$100,000. They do however have a locator on their site where you can find different physical therapy and rehab offices that have them in your area. is their site. Hope that helps!

  2. I found one online where starting prices were about 25k which is still way too much for the average person to be able to afford, so unfortunate that we can’t access equipment like this because of lack of money 🙁

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