This Woman Gave Birth at 70 and is World’s Oldest Mother


By: Krystle Crossman

Being a mother is hard. Children are energetic, playful, charismatic, and troublemakers. Generally parents are young enough to handle the everyday family life and can make it through all of these challenges. However Omkari Singh has a very different situation. She has a six year old son who is very energetic but she has to go about raising him a little differently. Why? Singh is 76 years old. She gave birth when she was 70. Her husband at the time was 89 years old.

Singh gave birth to twins in 2008. She had a girl and a boy. The girl unfortunately died at the age of four. The son, Akashvani, is perfectly healthy and very much an active child. Singh says that she has a hard time keeping up with him at times because she is old and cannot move around as quickly. She has trouble when it comes to bathing him and getting him dressed as well.

The people that live in her town criticized Singh and her husband for having a child so very late in life. She had a reason for it even though not many understood. She had given birth to two daughters early in life and now has five grandchildren. The problem was that she wanted to have a boy. She felt that she had no purpose as a mother if she did not have a son to raise to take over the household when she and her husband passed away. They desperately tried to conceive another child while they were young but it just didn’t happen.

After trying for a while and not getting anywhere they decided to try IVF treatments. These are extremely expensive but they wanted to try everything. They put another mortgage on their home, they sold their buffalo, they opened credit cards. Even the IVF did not work for them. Then one day as an elderly woman, Singh became pregnant. She says that even though the people in her town were criticizing her she and her husband couldn’t be happier because now they finally have the son they have always wanted.



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