This Woman Has Over 50 [email protected] a Day; It is Actually a Medical Condition


By: Krystle Crossman

Twenty-four year old Amanda Gryce from Florida experiences something that many women wish they could experience. The problem is that she experiences it a little too much. Gryce has been diagnosed with a medical condition called Persistant [email protected] Ar0usal Disorder. She has had the disorder since she was just six years old but is just now seeking treatment for it. The condition causes her to be ar0used all the time and small things can trigger [email protected] at any time, usually a few per hour. She could be riding in a car, listening to music with loud base, or even just doing jumping jacks.

Gryce is currently undergoing treatment for the condition and hopes that she soon will be able to have a normal s*x life. While she is going through the treatment she is not allowed to have s*x with her boyfriend Stuart. She didn’t tell any of her friends or family because she was too embarrassed about her condition. Many doctors have told her that it’s not a real condition or they brushed her off because they didn’t know enough about it to help her. She is taking medication that will numb certain areas to decrease the intensity of the [email protected] and also works out quite a bit so that she can keep her mind off of it.

When she first told her boyfriend she wasn’t sure how he was going to react. She said that he has been really supportive of everything and understands what she is going through. They practice meditation together which helps her calm herself during an episode. He said that it was worth not having s*x if it means that she will get better even though it was hard to deal with at first.



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