This Woman has Two Vag!nas


By: Krystle Crossman

Cassandra Bankson is a model and Youtube star. She recently revealed that she was born without a kidney and with two separate [email protected] She has suffered with symptoms for as long as she can remember but she hadn’t checked anything out until just recently. She has suffered with acne for her whole life. She has cramps that are extremely intense and has her period for at least three weeks out of the month. Her doctor showed her a diagram that showed the condition. On the outside her parts look the same but on the inside it is very different from other women. Normally there is one [email protected] canal which ends up into a uterus and the two fallopian tubes and two ovaries. With Bankson the [email protected] canal is split into two separate canals each with their own uterus. Each uterus has one fallopian tube and one ovary.

Bankson was worried about her ability to have children, whether it will affect her s*x life at all, and whether she was more susceptible to ovarian cancer than other women. Her doctor stated that she was not at a higher risk for cancer. She said many women don’t even know that they have this same issue until they are pregnant so her ability to have children should not be affected other than the fact that it may be harder to get pregnant. As for her kidney, the remaining one that she has is functioning as it should with no damage so she does not have to worry about a transplant at this time.

Bankson stated that she was bullied all her life for her acne and even had to change schools at one point. She said that she always knew that she was different from others but couldn’t pinpoint what it was. Now that she knows she is reaching out to fans to let them know about the condition and what comes with it. She also reaches out to talk about bullying and to inspire others who are going through the same thing that she went through when she was younger. The doctor had no answer as to why she had cystic acne as badly as she did but said that it was not related to her condition.



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