This Woman Says Women Are Wired to Win In Business


By: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to running a business, women know what needs to be done. They are born to be leaders but are often passed over in the workforce. When there are men around they are viewed as the superior employee, even if they are standing next to a women who is at a higher rank than they are. This is a huge problem and one that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Women still earn less than men for doing the same job. Writer Krista Sharp feels that the business world needs to be looking at the way that women work because there are a lot of traits that they hold which can make any business a success.

Because of how they are viewed in the workplace women are becoming work-at-home entrepreneurs. Many of them are mothers who want to work and make a great income while still being able to be at home with their kids. After all, when would they get a boss who respects them more than when they work for themselves? Women are starting up their own companies and many are becoming very successful. Sharp says that this is because many of the traits that women possess are very business-friendly.

By nature almost all women have a motherly instinct. This can be towards children but can also be towards other adults or customers. They want to take care of other people and help them in whatever way they can. They are also extremely protective. Women know how to think quickly and make split second decisions when it counts. All of these qualities are extremely important when running a business. When in a high-stress situations that requires a leader who is quick on their feet and able to solve problems without a lot of help, women excel.

Sharp says that women are all about collaboration and intuition. They know when outside help needs to be brought in. Teamwork is a priority and women have a natural instinct when it comes to working with other people. With all of these qualities you would think that women would be highly respected in the business world. Maybe someday women will be seen as leaders and equals, but until that time they will continue to create their own businesses and demand the respect that they deserve.



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