This Woman Went From Being Overweight To Opening Her Own Gym


By Victor Trammell

Many people have achieved their own personal success stories when it comes to the conquering the difficult missions of losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Marissa McDonald 

However, at only 23-year-old, a black woman in Chicago, Illinois not only achieved her ultimate weight loss and fitness goals, she opened up her own gym after becoming an ACE-certified personal trainer. Marissa McDonald (pictured above) went from pudgy to powerhouse after she was roughly 200 pounds and not in good health.

The Body Concept Chicago co-founder developed not only an unwavering spirit to maintain her impeccable physique but an entrepreneurial spirit as well. She stopped seeing eye-to-eye with the owner of the gym where she used to train hard. On her road to becoming a new and improved woman, she dropped around 40 pounds.

McDonald not only dropped her own pounds and chiseled her beautiful, muscular body, she was training other women to do the same. With her clientele list growing, it became clear that McDonald was getting too big to be training clients at somebody else’s gym. The determined young fitness expert decided to strike out on her own.

McDonald’s Body Concept Chicago fitness center offers body boot camps, yoga classes, personal training, as well as other services. In an exclusive interview with MadameNoire Magazine, McDonald spoke in-depth about her amazing journey toward remaking herself into a great entrepreneur and superior physical specimen.

“I actually gained weight because my high school cheerleading was more intense because my team was a competitive squad. But for the most part, in college, when I got to Northern Illinois University, they didn’t compete the years I was there,” McDonald told MadameNoire.

“It wasn’t as intense and so I wasn’t as active. I gained 35 to 40 pounds. That was a huge change for someone who was super active in high school. Not only did my activity levels fall, but my eating habits increased,” she continued.

McDonald also offered some words of advice for women who aspire to make themselves more content with their bodies.

“The best way for you to shed that body fat is to keep that nutrition on point. You don’t have to be 1,000 percent perfect because I’m definitely not, but again, it’s just about making those better decisions your majority,” she added.

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