This Woman’s One Night Stand Discovered Her Tumor


By: Krystle Crossman

One night stands are usually either a drunken mistake or something that two people do for fun. For one woman it turned out to be the thing that quite possibly saved her life.

Alex had been swooning over a lawyer in the office where she was an administrative assistant for month. She would become speechless when she saw him enter the room. Finally one night at a party that he was having at his house, he noticed her. They flirted and then made their way to the bedroom after some drinks. While they were in the middle of the act the lawyer told Alex that he felt a lump in her [email protected] and it concerned him. He had asked her if she had gotten it checked. She had not and now she was concerned as well. Alex left that night feeling embarrassed because her one night stand came to a grinding halt but the thought of the lump nagged at her.

She made an appointment with her doctor a short time later and it was discovered that she had a tumor. It was removed with surgery. A few months later she found another lump while she was doing a self-exam and she had to have another surgery to have it removed. Even though neither of the tumors were cancerous yet they could have ended up that way had the first one not been discovered during her one night stand. She is forever grateful for that embarrassing moment because it most likely saved her life.

Self-exams are something that all women should do often, but many do not. They either don’t know how or they are too embarrassed to do it. The fact that one in eight women develop [email protected] cancer at some point in their lifetime should be scary enough to make more women conduct self-exams or go to the doctor’s for a check up. It was estimated that in 2015 over 40,000 women would die from [email protected] cancer.

When caught early [email protected] cancer has a good survival rate. However when the cancer starts to spread to the lymph nodes that survival rate diminishes drastically. It can all be prevented with a simple exam that you can do yourself in the privacy of your own home. It is recommended that you do an exam at least once per month. Hold one arm up in the air and with your other hand lightly push down on the tissue in your [email protected] in a circle starting at the n!pple and moving outwards. Make sure to feel the tissue under your armpits as well as that is where your lymph nodes are. This simple exam takes ten minutes at the most but can save your life.


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