Three Black Women Claim They Were Discriminated Against at Michigan Sushi Bar


By Victor Trammell

Three black women who dined at a sushi bar in Gross Pointe, Michigan on Saturday night (February 18th) have claimed they were victims of racism after being told to move from their seats.

According to WJBK Fox 2, a local news station in Gross Pointe, Kimberly Hudson, Adrienne Savage, and TaNisha Prater entered Blufin Sushi with the intention of enjoying exotic food and an evening out together. After a few hours of eating and drinking, the three women were approached by the establishment’s general manager.

The manager then told the women to leave their seats at the bar where they were sitting in order to make room for other patrons. However, other patrons who sat in the sushi bar were not asked to do the same thing. Prater and the manager had an exchange of words during the questionable incident.

“Wait a minute. Were we just targeted? Because there are other people at the bar. Why did you reach out to us?”
Hudson said in an interview with Fox 2.

“There were other people at the bar and she only approached our group. When Kim said, ‘Oh, I guess it’s a possibility that we could leave,’ we got the bill; we cashed out,” Savage told Fox 2.

Prior to the three women finally leaving the sushi bar, Prater recorded a 15-minute Facebook Live video advertising the altercation. The three women also told Fox 2 that they were the only black people in attendance at the establishment at the time in question.

It is also worth pointing out that the three women were told by another Blufin Sushi employee that the seats at the bar do not have seating time limits on them.

The manager did call the police, but no arrests were made after the three women peacefully told their story to officers. “Thankfully where we live, in the land of the internet and social media, you can document things like this. You can capture that moment, and I’m so grateful TaNisha was able to do that,” Savage also told Fox 2.

Prater’s video was shared hundreds of times. Also, many regular patrons of Blufin Sushi have voiced their support for Hudson, Savage and Prater.

Fox 2 reported Monday (February 20th) that the news station will be closely following this story.





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