Three Mistakes That Are Holding You Back From a Healthier Lifestyle


By: Krystle Crossman

Some people try to make their lives healthier but it doesn’t seem to work at times. They may be making some common mistakes that many people make but don’t realize that they are hindering their progress.

1. No support: You need support whenever you are making a big change in your life no matter what that change is. If you have someone to talk to and to support you it will make you more likely to stick to a healthy plan. Having someone that is following your progress motivates you to stick to healthier choices because you may feel like you are letting them down in a way if you don’t stick to it. They are there to help you and talk you through any hard times that you are having and may also go along with you!

2. Weight loss: When you are trying to become healthier you need to take weight out of your mind. The more you think about it the more focused on that one aspect you will be. This could cause you to become frustrated and quit the new healthy lifestyle that you are embarking on. Take the scale out of your home or hide it somewhere so that you are only focus on better eating and exercising habits.

3. Preparation: If you don’t think ahead you are more likely to fail. Say you are heading to run some errands such as grocery shopping. It is right around supper time and you are hungry. If you do not plan ahead and eat before you leave you are stuck with either fast food or you will wind up with three carts full of food that you don’t need. Make the time to plan and if you are going somewhere around a meal time bring something with you or eat before you go. This will give you less of a chance to make an excuse to eat junk food.



  1. Excellent advice!
    As a man I’ve used both #’s 2 and 3 over the years. We should be more concerned about our measurements than actual weight lost and ALWAYS eat something before you grocery shop or go anywhere else for that matter. You’ll save plenty of money and live much healthier.

  2. Great Advice! that i will take heed to. The going to the grocery store is a killer tho it is a known fact that if you go to the store Hungry, You are gonna “GONNA” over buy unhealthy foods, and snacks! or, head to Popeyes. And popeyes is right acros the parking lot from the grocer that i go to ((((Hated It))))