Three Teens Invent a C0ndom That Tells You Very Important Information


By: Isabella Carson

Three teens in London have developed a new technology that is unexpected but very interesting. They decided to take c0ndoms and turn them into diagnostic tools. When these c0ndoms come into contact with an STD they will change colors. They are glow-in-the-dark as well so you can see the color change no matter how dark the room is. It is a revolutionary way to tell whether the person you are about to sleep with really is clean or not.

Getting tested is very important if you are s*xually active but many people do not. They feel that they are safe because they don’t have any of the obvious symptoms. Some just don’t care whether they have something or not and whether they give it to someone else or not. This new method of protection not only protects you from becoming pregnant but can also protect you from someone who may be lying or withholding information. One of the teens that created the technology, Daanyaal Ali stated that they wanted it to be an easier way to detect if there is a problem so that you can treat the problem at home instead of having to make that embarrassing trip to the doctor (although some STDs still require medical care from a physician).

When someone with an STD puts one of these c0ndoms on the indicator that is built in will be able to detect if there are any infections or if there is bacteria present. If it does make contact with bacteria or an infection the colors will change according to what it finds. Yellow is for herpes, green is for Chlamydia, blue indicates syphilis, and purple indicates HPV. The technology is not yet available for sale and is just a concept at this point but it is a great concept that many feel will be turned into a reality after some more research is done. The three teens won a top innovation prize at the Teen Tech Awards for their invention and they also got money to go and see Buckingham Palace. For now the CDC says that to avoid contracting an STD make sure that you limit the number of partners you have, always use protection, or practice abstinence.