Tia Mowry Hardrict Stars in New Show As 25 Yr Old Party Girl Who Marries Older Man, Becomes Step-Mom to 3 Kids


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Tia Mowry-Hardrict will be starring in a new Nickelodeon show beginning on September 29th called Instant Mom. In the sitcom she plays a 25 year old woman who falls in love with an older man. He has three children already so she becomes a mother-figure to them. Michael Boatman, formerly of Spin City, plays her husband. The role was original supposed to be played by Duane Martin.

The children in the show are a little mischievous and Tia finds herself thrust from the party life of a young adult into the role of a mother almost instantly. Tia was worried about finding work after being on the show The Game, but with this new series it seems she may have found something. The show looks to be an adorable sitcom about the perils and joys of being a mother to three children. Tia’s mother is played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is most known for her role in the stage play, Dreamgirls as well as the sitcom Moesha.

The new Nick show will air during Nick’s primetime night slot. It is a way for mothers to watch the show, have a laugh, and enjoy watching the intricacies of motherhood that they have all experienced at one time or another.

Tia will continue with her reality show with her sister Tamera as well as keeping up with their blog and she will also balance all that with being a mother. She may have been worried about not having anything to do, but it looks like she is one busy woman! Her sister keeps her grounded and is supportive of everything that she does. Tia’s new show, premiering on September 29th looks like it could be a huge hit!

Will you be watching?



    • michelle desjadon on

      My sisters bossy too, but I love her very much! In fact she’s my best friend. Why judge……yes I will be watching. Can’t wait!! You go girl!!!!

  1. Does anyone see how Tia treats Tamara? After Tamara had her baby Tia was trying to force her way of life on Tamara cause she felt that Tamara was acting too motherly or too Wifey. Well, I remember when Tia was pregnant and she had lost her spark for a while too. Tia is bossy. How about when Tamara had to leave Vegas to be with her husband, Tia thought that Tamara should have chosen to stay in Vegas with her. Is she serious? What about when Tia planned something with Tamara and then her friend asked her to walk the carpet in RED, she left Tamara hanging. I don’t care too much for Tia so NO, I will NOT BE WATCHING (sorry Ms.Ralph)cause she is SNEAKY AND BOSSY!!! But happy for those of you cares.

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