Tia Mowry: “how to make working out FUN again”


tia exerciseTia Mowry has really made a commitment to her health and wellness. The celebrity twin became a vegan and she says that one of the reasons that she decided to make that lifestyle change was because she wanted to be healthy and happy for her young son.

Mowry also says that she wants to educate her community about the many benefits of a healthy diet and she adds that she loves that she also helps animals and the environment.

On her blog, which she runs with her sister, Tamera, Mowry encourages those who are bored or unmotivated by their daily exercise routine to “shake it up”. Below are her suggestions for changing it up so that you can enjoy exercising:

Intervals: Some of you may have heard of interval training – basically it’s when you do short spurts of alternating high and low-intensity workout instead of long periods of a steady workout.  Intervals are always my go-to when I’m feeling bored.  If your treadmill sessions are practically making you snooze, shake things up by doing some interval training. 

Set new goals: If your old fitness goals aren’t motivating you anymore – either because you’ve reached them or simply because your focus has shifted – it may be time to come up with new ones.  You’d be surprised at how switching up your goals can motivate you!  I’m not saying you should be changing your major goals every day – after all, part of the satisfaction of setting goals is the hard work that goes into finally being to achieve them.  Instead, think about your old goals and figure out if they are still motivating you – if not, set new ones.

Change your workout attire: I know this sounds kind of silly, but I believe that what you wear during a workout can affect how you workout! For example, I know that every time I get new workout clothes, I always get more excited to workout.  If you’re used to working out in a big t-shirt and sweats, why not shake things up with a tank and shorts instead?  Or vice versa.  Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! 🙂

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