Tia Mowry Shuts Body Shamer Down and Reports Her To Her Employer


By: Krystle Crossman

Tia Mowry is a smart woman. She knows exactly what to do when someone decides that bullying her on the internet is a fun thing to do. Recently, Mowry posted a photo of herself looking gorgeous in a Stella McCartney dress on Twitter. As expected she received numerous compliments on the outfit and how beautiful she was looking. There was one particular woman however who felt the need to body shame the stunning 37-year-old. A Twitter user who went by the handle @miekk posted the comment, “getting fat” under the photo of Mowry. Unfortunately for @miekk (who has since deleted her Twitter account), Mowry doesn’t take kindly to bullying on the internet. She did something that has fans everywhere applauding.

After doing a little digging, Mowry found that the Twitter user appeared to work for the non-profit HBCU Travelers, which is a company that encourages African-American women to travel around the world. She posted a reply to @miekk and it got right to the point. She called the online bully out for speaking in such a manner about another woman. She stated that @miekk worked with African-American woman and helped them with their studies, so how did she think that being an internet bully was okay? Mowry then did something that we all wish we would have thought of…she tagged her bully’s employer in the reply so that they would see it. She asked the Twitter user if this was something that she would want her boss to see.

Mowry said that she wasn’t replying because her feelings were hurt about the comment. She didn’t care what this random stranger had to say about her. She stated that she was responding for everyone who was the subject of online bullying. Unfortunately her information was a little mixed up as the Twitter user did not actually work for HBCU. The non-profit responded to Mowry’s reply and stated that she didn’t work for them but was a supporter of what they do. They also stated that internet bullying is never okay and while that woman didn’t work for them, they would use this as a platform to spread the word. They hope to inspire other women to think about what they are typing before they post. It is a good message to everyone who makes comments on the internet, good or bad. Think about whether you would want your boss to see the message because you never know if they can see it or not.

Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/news/a56119/tia-mowry-body-shamer-by-tagging-her-employer-in-a-response/


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