Tia & Tamera Mowry: Why We Quit The Reality TV Show


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Tia and Tamera Mowry recently did an interview with Essence.com about their lives, competing with each other, and thinking about exiting from reality television. They have been doing their reality show for three years now. It has had its ups and downs and the twins have finally decided that it is time to end the series.

When asked what made them come to the decision to quit, Tia mentioned that Style Network had been bought out by Esquire. This made them question whether they wanted to continue the show or not. They thought about try to get other networks to pick them up, but in the end they both made the decision that ending their three year run on a high note was the best thing for both of them. Tamera said that when she looked back at her life thus far all she could remember was cameras being there for every important milestone in her life that most keep private and decided she didn’t want to live that life any longer. They both said that their husbands were very excited about this decision. Tia’s husband would hide from the camera every chance that he got.

The sisters were asked about their competition against each other and whether it was as prevalent as the media made it seem. Both answered no, it was nowhere near what it was made out to be. Every sibling has a little competition going on with the other, and theirs was just that, a little bit of sibling rivalry, but they were never trying to outdo each other all the time or at each other’s throats.

Tia and Tamera also dished about their new partnership with the Let’s Bubble campaign where people can go to scrubbingbubbles.com and select a community that needs some cleaning up. Four winners will be chosen and volunteers will go out and clean up the community to make it a better place for those who live there.


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