Tiffany Haddish Paid $10K A Week For Male Escort To Give Her “pleasure”, He Alleges


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Rex/Stutterstock

One of Black Hollywood’s most sought-after Queens of Entertainment in the current era has allegedly proven the T.I.-popularized song catchphrase “It ain’t tricking if you got it.”

According to a socially questionable but highly popular tabloid new source, Tiffany Haddish (pictured) is being outed as a busy A-list Tinseltown career woman who lacks the free time that it takes to devote herself to a healthy, loving relationship.

In an exclusive interview, an anonymous man claiming to be a former male escort told MTO News Haddish’s expensive alternative. This faceless man claimed that the Girls Trip co-star was formerly one of his most loyal clients who was a big spender and had no problem paying him her generous one-week fee of $10,000 dollars.

The former male escort also disclosed the lengths of time Haddish would set aside to getting full-scale $exual pleasure from this man during the different days of the week.

“Tiffany is not really a freak. But she likes s*x and a lot of it. You have to put in about 2 hours of work every time for her. But she’s willing to pay for your effort. She was by far my best client,” the unidentified man said in his interview with MTO News.

“She wanted me to be there to please her. She didn’t pretend it was a relationship, or mutual s*x. I knew that I was there to please every inch of her body, and she was just going to lay back and let me do it,” the former male escort went on to say.

However, the attention-seeking, kiss-and-tell whistle blower has apparently exercised a change of heart about his chosen trade to get by in today’s America where people will do absolutely anything for notoriety, even demean themselves in the depths of a social abyss after their 15 minutes of fame is long gone.

MTO News also reported that this identity hiding, parasitic man has turned his life around after “finding God.” As expected, a book is reportedly in the works about Mister X, which chronicles his experiences as $ex worker pleasing hosts-turned-finder of the Holy Ghost.






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