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By Staff Blogger

Some people naturally have great skin and look flawless even without the help of make-up. Then there are others who do not have the same privilege, sometimes due to hormonal imbalances. The following are a few tips on ways to improve your skin.

The first thing that will help your skin is to not smoke! Smoking ages you significantly. Not only does it yellow your fingers where you hold the cigarette, but it speeds up aging and wrinkles. A study between identical twins showed that those who smoked looked far older than their twin sibling. It’s also a good idea not to be around a lot of smoke.

Something that is an absolute must for your skin is sunscreen. Some people want a nice tan, but tanning causes wrinkles, and can cause cancer as well. When outdoors, you should re-apply your sunscreen every two to three hours and wear at least SPF 30.

Prescription retinoids are the way to go if natural ways to improve your skin have not worked. These are available at the pharmacy by prescription only and are named Retin-A and Renova to name a few. These unclog pores, freshen skin, reduce acne, and reduce redness. They are very harsh, so some people cannot tolerate them. Give these medicines time to work as they don’t begin to work immediately.

When you are using a skincare regimen, make sure to keep it simple. People go overboard with what they put on their skin and it can make things worse by clogging pores with perfumes and oils. Wash your face with a light cleanser and then finish with a retinoid product, and a perfume free lotion.

Eat a balanced diet full of water. Water is great for keeping skin fresh and clean. Foods low in grease or fats reduce the oil produced on your skin. If you follow these simple tips, you will glow in no time!



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