Tiring of Your Man Complaining About Having to Use a Cond0m? Try These Tricks to Get Him Excited About It!


By: Krystle Crossman

Almost 40% of men say that s*x feels better without a cond0m. Here are some tips and tricks to make it a little more fun and exciting for him so that he won’t be so hesitant to wear one!

1. Using your mouth to put the cond0m on your man will make it much more fun for him and he won’t even be thinking about the fact that he is using a method of protection that he may hate. Have him stand in front of you and get down as if you were going to give him 0ral s*x. Roll it on with your hands and follow your hands with your tongue.

2. Drop some lubricant into the cond0m. Only put a few drops in as too much can cause it to slip off. Word around town is that it feels amazing for a guy.

3. Your chest is probably one of his favorite parts of you, and now you can incorporate them into putting his protection on. Place the cond0m a quarter of the way on and then squeeze your [email protected] around it and work the rest of the cond0m down that way.

4. If you enjoy a little sixty-nine every now and then, go for it. Put the cond0m on using your mouth only while in this position. It is exciting for him and even gives you a little pleasure at the same time!

5. If your man has a little foot fetish (yes, there are many guys that do!), place the cond0m on a quarter of the way and then lean back on your forearms. Take your feet and slide the cond0m the rest of the way on with your big toes.



    • Oh, stop being a prude! Guess what women have sex AND enjoy doing so, too. This is great advice, or would you rather women not know better alternatives to having sex without a condom?! Sheesh!

  1. With the statistics on STD’s, AIDS/HIV and unplanned births by single mothers (not receiving support) this article is very relevant. Number 6 should be if he doesn’t put one on and can’t produce medical papers showing he has had a visectomy AND is medically (recently) test negative of STD/AIDS/HIV dress back up and walk very fast to the door. Do not return his phone calls, texts or emails and change your status online to single/available and keep looking!

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