TMI? Gabby Union Says Her Fiance D-Wade Is Familiar With ALL Her Bathroom Habits


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union may have gone and shared a little too much with us in a recent interview. She appeared on Chelsea Handler’s talk show, recently, and spoke about how open she and fiancé Dwayne Wade are with each other.

Union said that Wade knows about all of her habits, including everything that she does in the bathroom. She says that there is really no point in hiding those habits along with other bodily functions that every woman has if you are going to be married to someone.

According to Union, it feels good to have it all out there and not have to be ashamed about anything. She joked that she has a high-fiber diet so Wade knows exactly what she has to do at least three times a day. She said she told him that she was going to be in there, she wouldn’t be shutting the door, and she wouldn’t be lighting a match.

Union has always been very candid about topics like this. In 2009 she joked with the press about letting one rip in front of them. She then went on to say that she wishes that everyone would pass gas in public instead of holding it in.

Handler and Union had a friendly discussion on the show while enjoying a bottle of Chardonnay that Union created with the help of a winery in Napa. It is called Vanilla Puddin’. It has a screw top for easier access and she and Wade will be serving it at their wedding. It goes on sale in time for Valentine’s Day for $16.99 per bottle.

Maybe it was just the wine that had Union speaking so freely but it could be that TMI(too much information) is becoming a trend!



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  2. So why are people celebrating this shameless slutbucket. There is nothing admiral about this poor representation of the black women. So being crass and shameful is the new chic. WOW!

    • Pretty harsh to talk about someone you do not know. Gabrielle is keeping it real. Would I speak about it on national tv. No! But I don’t fault her for doing it. No one woman represents the entire community of black women. She doesn’t represent black women. She represents Gabrielle Union.

  3. You are right about Gabrielle NOT representing Black women, only herself! There are certain things that should be private, it just goes hand in hand with class! Married or not!

  4. Eventually if you are married your Husband/Wife will find out about your personal and most private habits how-ever trips too the bathroom and that time of the month should be kept private it’s all about having and showing respect for each other and I definitley would not put that out there for my husband or anyone else

  5. I lost all respect for this woman!!! I am a man and I don’t find a woman (so called keeping it real) cutting gas and keeping the door open when she is taking a dump a turn on!!!! That is straight up nasty!!!!