Too Drunk? Pop a Pill and Get Sober


alcoholScientists are in the process of developing a new medication that may be the quick cure to drunkenness. They are developing a cocktail of enzymes that should rapidly reduce the alcohol in your blood, helping you to sober up. The research is in its early stages and is not yet safe for human testing.

Professor Yunfeng Lu from UCLA and Professor Cheng Ji from the University of Southern California are running the study in which drunk mice are injected with nanocapsules.  In the nanocapsules there are two enzymes. One of the enzymes is Oxydase, which may be harmful because its by-product is hydrogen peroxide. That is why they chose the second enzyme that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, making it safer for the test subjects.

The effect of the enzymes is like having a bunch of liver cells in your stomach breaking down the alcohol. It sounds weird, but those enzymes help the body metabolize the alcohol in its system faster, which is why the effects of alcohol decrease when the nanocapsules are injected into the mice.

The study showed that those mice who did receive both enzymes through injection became sober at a faster rate than those who did not receive an enzyme injection. Lu believes that in the future there could be a new line of medication of alcohol cures or an ‘antidote.’ He believes that such a drug can one day be sold in pill form to those who desire it.

The two researchers are working on other nanocapsule medications now. One of them may be able to help fight male-pattern baldness.


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