Too Far? Reality Show Will Show Women Giving Birth In The Wild


By: Krystle Crossman

Reality television has taken over in recent years. There are shows that range from talent shows, to shows like Survivor, all the way to shows like Toddlers and Tiaras. There is a new show that will air on Lifetime may be taking things just a little too far. Born in the Wild has no set air date just yet, but many are already balking at the idea of watching the show.

A woman with the Youtube user name Birthinnature gained 20 million views on her video that depicted her giving birth in nature, by a creek. There were no doctors around to help her, no sterile environment, and no emergency personnel in case anything went wrong. It was just the woman and her soon-to-be-born baby. The video shows her in all of the stages of labor. She is seen curled up on a mat that is on the ground as she goes through the contractions with no pain medication at all. She does however give birth to a healthy baby.

Lifetime saw the amount of views that the video had and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start a new reality series. They state that there will be no doctors of any kind on the set. It will just be the women and the camera crews. They said that they are not going to be allowing first-time mothers to participate. They want people to realize that you can do things naturally and not have to rely on completely sterile environments and expensive medical bills.

One of the biggest issues that the critics are having with this upcoming show is that they are worried about women trying to do this at home with no one around in case of an emergency. What happens if you are out in the wild giving birth and there is a complication? What if you begin to bleed uncontrollably? What if the baby is breech and you require a c-section? These are just a few of the reasons that critics are saying that this show is taking things way too far.



  1. Nobody is putting a gun to their heads. If they value fame over the welfare of their child it’s on them and the authorities they will encounter when stuff goes wrong.

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