Too Much $ex on TV Is Ruining the Pleasure of $ex in Real Life?


kissBy Staff Blogger

When you watch television these days, do you keep your children in the room or do you send them away because of all of the gratuitous s*x scenes that seem to be in every drama on primetime television show? Years ago you could feel the s*xual tension between characters but did not get to watch some heavy make out sessions. It was simply implied that they had done the deed but you didn’t have to sit and watch it.

Now television shows are getting more and more lewd with their love scenes. Even on networks such as the CW which is geared more towards teen viewers, the teens in the shows are groping each other wildly and wearing as little as they can get away with. They used s*x as a weapon in shows such as Gossip Girl. What is this teaching the younger generation that watches these shows?

Then we have the cable channels. They can get away with a little more since they are cable channels that you must pay extra for  Shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones will throw gratuitous s*x scenes in wherever they can. They say “it’s not TV, it’s HBO”.

All of these images and scenes on TV are actually turning people off to watching some of the shows and taking some of the pleasure out of s*x. If this is the case for you, try to watch the s*x heavy shows on the weekend instead of all through the week. There are still shows that  are extremely light on gratuitous s*x and more about the chemistry between the characters.



  1. Shomari Mason on

    sEx is not a bad word, it's a function and part of life, so editing it seems a bit much…that being said it would be nice if programmers put on racier content in the 10-11 pm hour to make it more convenient to manage what the young ones see. THAT being said racy images are EVERYwhere…the web, billboards, commercials, music, etc etc. It's probably best to speak to your kids honestly and openly about what sex is and how it fits in to life…perhaps even a bit earlier than we would like.

  2. Peter D. Slaughter on

    Serious, in the case of the masses of black people.
    A large % need to just give up tv period and spend as much real time as possible working with these misguilded black boys and girls running around in the hood.
    This needs to be done to keep them from being criminalized and programmed to be fed into this updated slave prison plantation operation in full effect.
    I wonder will black people ever wake up from the need to have all this so-called entertaiment.
    A vast % of of it is self hating,twisted and basically self destructive.
    Then we wonder why the behavior of so many black people young,old,male and female is off the chain.
    In order to make real changes for the better inside these urban black communities all over this country.
    Black’s need to reduce tv watching as much as possible and focus on rebuilding the neighborhoods and reeductating as many black people as possible in these areas.
    This would play a major role in reducing crime and would help in puttting some black families back together.

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