Too Much Info? Sharon Osbourne Says She Got Her “privates” Tightened


By: Krystle Crossman

If you ever watched the show The Osbournes you would know how open and candid Sharon Osbourne is with her life. She is an honest person who is not afraid to speak her mind, especially to her children or her rock star husband Ozzy. Recently she was on the Graham Norton show and she was very open about another aspect of her life that many celebrities would want to keep secret…plastic surgery.

While on the show Sharon fessed up to having work done on herself. She also said that the most painful plastic surgery experience that she went through was a [email protected] tightening. Actor Colin Farrell was sitting next to Sharon during the interview and as soon as she said that he cringed. He seemed shocked that she was being so open and honest about have that done as well as the audience! Sharon said that it was absolutely excruciating.

After speaking about her plastic surgery she went on to speak about her rocky marriage to Ozzy. They split for a period of time due to his addictions. She didn’t want to deal with the drugs and the drinking again so she moved out. However after that happened, Ozzy went to rehab, became sober again, and eventually they found their way back to each other. She now makes sure that things run on her terms and that he stays in check. She wants to have a good marriage and realizes that they are perfect for each other but the addictions got in the way of that.

The Osbournes had also been dealt a huge blow when their son Jack was diagnosed with MS just a week and a half after his first child was born. Sharon says that she and Ozzy are back together, just as strong as before, and ready to move on.



  1. Phyllis Harris on

    Really so sick of this woman’s obvious efforts to grab attention. Who cares about her personal elective surgeries. Notice her on “The Talk” where she is constantly “coming lean” about some outrageous statements she has made publicly, or explaining something written about her, or lamenting someone’s “Unfair” attack on her or her family members. Silly games to keep the focus on her. Hope “The Talk” catches on to what she is doing before she destroys their show by trying to make herself the star.

  2. I like her honesty! The way Hollywood women run from man to man 24/7 I bet there are a lot of them that have had that surgery! Also, if you had a large baby or lots of babies the natural way, there are those that could use the surgery.

  3. chileplz

    I agree with Phyllis Harris. Every time I see yet another stupid statement Sharon makes and then “apologizes” for I have to say, Oh child please.

  4. 12/6/13

    I agree with Phyllis Harris. Every time I see yet another stupid statement Sharon makes and then “apologizes” for I have to say, Oh child please.

  5. Loud, trashy, tacky woman – she and all of her substance addicted family. I don’t know of any black woman who is given a national talk show with the kind of history she has. I am amazed she hasn’t been fired for some of the things she has said

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