Too Much Stress Can Make You “Ugly” and Less Desirable


stressedBy Staff Blogger

Stress is a part of our everyday lives. It seems like no matter what we do it follows us wherever we go. This stress is also making us less attractive as the day goes on. Here are some ways that stress is killing your good looks.

1. Your face – A study performed in Finland found that men who judged women with higher levels of stress hormones found them to be less attractive. Stress can decrease fertility and cause men and women to look for a calmer partner.

2. Aging – Stress ages you. Quickly. Work-related stress has been linked to a shortening of the protein caps at the ends of chromosomes called telomeres. When these become shortened the cells begin to die which speeds up the aging process. Also when people are stressed they are not smiling as much as they should which creates frown lines and furrows in their face.

3. Skin quality – When you are stressed your cortisol levels go up. Cortisol can destroy your skin, leaving it dry and dull. This also comes from eating unhealthy foods all the time. The skin can’t absorb water like it normally does when stress levels rise.

4. Brittle nails – Nail growth is not as important as other bodily functions, so when we are stressed the body concentrates on the more important things and growing nails takes a backseat. This can lead to cracking and peeling fingernails.

5. Weight gain – When you are stressed you tend to not eat healthy foods. Stress-related cravings happen often and it is almost always for fatty or salty foods.

6. Acne – When you stress and release more cortisol, there is more oil being produced on your skin. A study done at Stanford in 2003 found that students had more break-outs during exam periods than any other time of the year.

7. Hair loss – When women go through periods of stress, they begin to lose their hair. This can take 6 to 12 months to reverse. There has been no solid proof that gray hair is caused by stress, but it is a definite possibility.


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