Top Reason Couples Stay In Miserable Marriages


she-loves-me-nBy: Krystle Crossman

Every day we see unhappy couples walking around, just trying to get through life with one another. We may think to ourselves, if they are so unhappy, why don’t they just get a divorce? You may be thinking for the kids, or for the money, or that they don’t want to be alone. The biggest reason? Fear. They are afraid of being alone, of losing money, of having to be independent. Here are the top ten reasons that people put off divorce even though they are unhappy.

10. They are afraid to be alone. Many people need someone else there, no matter how miserable they may make them.

9. They are scared to be independent and out on their own.

8. They would feel guilty for leaving their spouse.

7. They feel that they are too old to end the relationship.

6. They don’t want to have to leave or sell their home.

5. They wouldn’t be able to live on their own financially.

4. They feel that it would be too damaging for the kids.

3. They keep hope alive that things will improve.

2. They are afraid they may regret leaving their spouse.

1. They don’t have the courage.

Lack of courage is the number one reason that couples stay together. A study was conducted on 2,000 married people. One fifth said that they felt trapped in the relationship but wouldn’t think about getting divorced unless they knew that they would have financial stability.

Fifteen percent of the respondents on the survey said that they wished they had married someone else while twenty-nine percent said that they would advise younger generations to never get married.

Divorce can be scary, but being in a marriage that is not working can be harmful to your physical and mental health.



  1. I think we give up to easily on ourselves and our spouses. We spend a lot of time looking for the "right" one instead of spending time trying to grow into being "Right".

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