Tracee Ellis Ross Opts Out On Traditional Womanhood & Societal Pressures


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Into the Gloss

Tracee Ellis Ross (pictured) is an award-winning black actress in America who goes above and beyond the general spectacle of being an entertainer.

The 45-year-old “Black-ish” star is not only a great-looking actress who has hosted other star-studded award shows. Ellis Ross is a champion of charity who has fought valiantly for women’s health issues, AIDS awareness and advocating for black children getting a college education.

The character she plays on “Black-ish” is a positive motherhood role for black women on television, which is something that is very hard to come by these days. The popular ABC sitcom is a good source of healthy “edutainment” for black children, which challenges negative stereotypes perpetuated by traditional media.

Ellis Ross is definitely a black woman in America who is about rallying against the status quo. She recently conducted a very telling interview with celebrity beauty blogger Necole Kane and gave her deepest thoughts on what she felt about society’s pressures and the typical labels that are given for traditional womanhood.

“As women, we so often focus on our due dates for what society deems as success instead of using our time to find our own happiness in ourselves. [Tracee Ellis] Ross says that there is a difference between loneliness and being alone,” Kane wrote in her Sunday Times column about Ellis Ross on her blog.

“Being 45 is fascinating. It’s this extraordinary journey of time passing, and getting to this place where so many of the trappings aren’t there, and yet there’s so much other rich, fertile stuff happening in my life. It’s all a choice. Which is incredibly empowering and can be extremely lonely,” Ellis Ross told Kane in an exclusive interview.

My work as an adult has been making friends with the loneliness, and actually coming to terms with the fact that I love it. And I now call it choiceful solitude,” she continued.

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