Trayvon Martin’s Mother and Father are Considering Running for Public Office


By Victor Trammell

The parents of Trayvon Martin have been dealing with the unjust, racially-motivated murder of their son without seeing anybody being held accountable for his death.

Since George Zimmerman, 33, their son’s accused murderer got acquitted of killing 17-year-old Trayvon in July 2013, a nationwide movement against the unchecked killing of black youths has been going strong. The Black Lives Matter movement starting gaining steam when Trayvon was fatally shot by Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida on the night of February 26, 2012.

In the almost five years since that tragic evening, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon’s father and mother) have been publicly visible as advocates for their murdered son and other black parents who have been dealing with a lack of justice after losing their children to racially-motivated violence and police brutality.

However, Mr. Martin and Ms. Fulton have decided recently to take their advocacy for social justice a step further. According the USA Today, Martin and Fulton have announced their plans to run for public office in order to become a part of the systemic effort, which will be needed to create change in America’s broken political and justice systems.

“Since Trayvon’s death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues and we saw how the country can come together,” Martin told the USA Today.

“You have those that are for uniting the country and you have those that want to be apart. And what this new presidency does, it takes those that want to be apart and it puts them right in the position where they can say, ‘We’ll change the laws, and we’ll make it tougher,'” he continued.

Ms. Fulton agrees. She also talked with the USA Today about what she feels must be done to prevent another black family from dealing what her family has dealt with.

“Before I was just comfortable with my average life, but now I feel like I’m just obligated to be part of the change,” Fulton said in her interview. “The only way we can be part of the change is if we start with local government and we work our way up.”

Both Martin and Fulton are continuing to speak out against racial injustice to raise awareness. It must be very hard for them and the parents of other slain black children to live in a society, which has no value for the lives of black children who come from politically, educationally, and economically abandoned communities.








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