Tricks You Should Be Using to Make $ex More Pleasurable


Close up of couple smilingBy: Krystle Crossman

Having s*x can be fun. It is a way to get closer to your partner and also to enjoy pleasure. There are some things that you can do to heighten the pleasure of your romp in the sack that many people may not think about or even know exist!

1. Your cl!toris is 15-20% bigger on the 14th day of your menstrual cycle. This is because of the amount of blood that is making it down there. When it is enlarged it will become more sensitive and give you more pleasure.

2. During s*x, don’t forget about your b00bs. Stroking the n!pples while you are intimate with a partner has been shown to activate the same part of the brain that is activated when the cl!toris or [email protected] are stimulated.

3. You should get to the gym before you hit the sheets. You can increase the arousal in the gen!tals with just 20 minutes of cardio exercise. Don’t forget to shower before you jump into bed though.

4. “I have a headache” is not a valid excuse. S*x cures headaches because of the release of endorphins when you reach climax. Almost 20% of women said that they had instant relief of their headache the moment they reached [email protected]

5. When you look at people who are naked your brain becomes more active and in the mood.

6. A survey from Trojan shows that people have s*x around three times per week. That equals up to 156 times per year.

7. A study was done on men while they were watching p0rn0 and it showed that not only did they spend time looking at the woman’s body, but they spent almost more time looking at her face.

8. If a man cheats on his partner and is quick and dirty about it he should proceed with caution. Men who have quick s*x are more likely to break their pen!s. Ouch!

9. Research suggests that people that have BDSM fantasies or other fetishes have a higher sense of well-being than those who do not fantasize.

10. A recent study found that in just 12 weeks yoga can improve the sensation of your [email protected], arousal, and your overall satisfaction with your encounter.



  1. Why print a story without the words? What is “During s*x, don’t forget about your *****.”?Censorship is not freedom of speech.

  2. Michael Turner on

    Appreciated the information, good knowledge sharing, but I am a little taken back with reading a story about sex with the word not spelled out. How sad and what the hell is this *****?

  3. Another way to improve you s/e/x life is to imagine your partner being someone else (someone you secretly want to bang over & over again)

    Another way to improve your s/e/x life is to put a bag over your partner’s head. It not only hides his or her face but it contains their breath as well.

    I agree with those above me. This is the internet, we are not children. Don’t print the story if you are going to fill it with asterisks.