Trying to Eat a Vegan Diet? Make Sure You Have These 10 Foods!


By: Krystle Crossman

If you decide to live a vegan lifestyle there are certain foods that you should have to help you along your way. If you keep these healthy foods stocked in your fridge you will be able to make a meal when you get home instead of having to grab something at a fast food place.

1. The center of your vegan diet should include greens. They are healthy and can be used in a variety of ways. You can make salads, smoothies, sandwiches, or use them as garnishes.

2. Fruits are another staple that you should have in your kitchen. When you get a craving for something sweet you can have fruit because it is filled with natural sugar.

3. Raw veggies make great snacks and can give you a lot of energy and vitamins. They are much healthier than greasy chips. You can throw them in your smoothies as well.

4. Avocado can be used in many different recipes, put on sandwiches, added to smoothies, or sliced and eaten raw. They are high in healthy fats and are very heart healthy.

5. Butters made from different nuts such as almonds and other seeds can be added to dips for a low-fat option when snacking.

6. Almond milk is a great substitute for dairy milk. It has healthy fats and has less sugar than regular milk. It is a great base for smoothies.

7. Coconut water is very hydrating. It is also rich in potassium which is good for your heart.

8. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and other nuts are a great snack for you. They are high in healthy fats and are a tasty alternative to greasy snacks.

9. Start your week off by juicing some lemons. Add a little lemon juice to a glass of cold water every morning to give your metabolism a kick start.

10. Different dips or dressings are good to have around the house. You are more likely to eat a salad or raw veggies if you have something delicious to dip them in.



  1. As a vegetarian I can appreciate a vegan lifestyle but I am addicted to Hard & exotic cheeses & is a staple in my diet along with many of the fore mentioned items

  2. Became a Vegetarian, 1977,, then became a Vegan, 2005 and as an Athlete at 54yo on Saturday, haven’t felt better!!

    HDL/142-149 & LDL/52-75.

    Google “Annette Larkins” & “Jim Morris”.

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