Turmeric Juice and Its Many Benefits to Your Health


By: Krystle Crossman

There is a powerful and healthy ingredient out there that has so many different benefits that it is hard to believe that not everyone is ingesting it on a daily basis. That ingredient is turmeric. Some of the amazing benefits from turmeric are:

– Anti-inflammatory
– Prevents metastases in certain cancers
– Liver detoxifier
– Kidney cleanser
– Aids in weight management
– Increases metabolism
– Alleviates depression, damaged skin, arthritis, psoriasis

There is a juice that you can make with the turmeric as the main ingredient. Here is the list of ingredients that you will need:

1. 5-7 inches of turmeric
2. 5-7 inches of tamarind
3. 2 lemons
4. Raw honey
5. Water
6. Blender
7. Strainer
8. Bowl
9. Mason jars

First peel the turmeric. If your fingers or countertops turn yellow don’t worry, simple dish soap will take care of it. Next crack and open up the tamarind. You are only going to use the inner fruit so get rid of the inner roots as well. Fill a large pot with water and boil the turmeric for 20 minutes. You want the water to be a vivid yellow/marigold in color.

While the turmeric is in the pot boiling, take a pan and put 1 inch of water with the tamarind in. Stir the tamarind fruit around with a wooden spoon to mix it with the water and turn it into a jam-like texture. When it looks soft, turn the heat off.

Pour some cold water into the water with the turmeric in it so that you can cool it off a bit and then put the water into the blender. Add the root in there as well and blend it all together.

Pour the tamarind substance into the strainer on top of the bowl. Move the substance around in the strainer so that you are left with the jam in the bowl and no seeds or peels. Put the substance that is in the bowl into the strainer with the turmeric. Blend.

After the turmeric and tamarind are blended, add juice from the lemons in and pour into jars! Add the honey to taste and enjoy!


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  1. Do you have any recipes that you dont heat the tumeric? Thinking about nutrients /enzymes lost in the heating process . Thanks Eve

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