TV Host Imprisoned For Encouraging Single Motherhood


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Doaa Saleh via Facebook

A woman who works in Cairo, Egypt as the host of her own talk show on Al-Nahar TV is in hot water after being found guilty of being a proponent of single motherhood inside her country.

According to Cairo Scene Magazine, Doaa Saleh (pictured) has been sentenced to three years in an Egyptian prison after being charged with and ultimately convicted of promoting single motherhood while using her popular national talk show as a platform to do so.

In the beginning of 2017, an Egyptian woman named Hadeer Mekawy went viral over her story about the father of her Egyptian child abandoning her right after she gave birth to his biological baby by her. During an episode of her nationally broadcasted show, Saleh swiftly and deliberately came to Mekawy’s defense.

“You could be a single mom whether you like it or not… If you get divorced, you’re a single mom. If you’re… god forbids, a widow, then you’re a single mom. Can you make a choice to be a single mom even before you get married? That’s what we’re discussing today,” Saleh said in front of a live studio audience.

“The choice of motherhood is for women to decide as men can’t relate to such an instinct,” Saleh went on to say.

For her choice of words on a national television show in a historically conservative Muslim country, such as Egypt, Saleh was arrested, put on trial, convicted of a crime, and sent to prison. Saleh was ordered to serve out her sentence by Egypt’s Heliopolis Misdemeanors Court.

Her conviction is an extreme injustice. Before she admirably defended a blameless single mother on air, a male Egyptian attorney named Nabih al-Wahsh claimed on national television that “[sexually battering women that wear ripped jeans is a]  “national duty.”

Saleh has yet to appeal her grossly unjust conviction.

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