Two Hot Spots to Take Your Orga$m to the Next Level


0rgasmBy Staff Blogger

When it comes to getting “intimate” with your partner, the ultimate end result that you are looking for is ultimately an earth-shattering big “O” right? There are a few ways that your partner (or your favorite toy!) can get you “there”. Here are two different spots on women that will intensify the [email protected] but take a little work!

The first spot is termed the “cul-de-sac”. When ar0used the uterus will lift up and expose a tiny space that is behind the cervix. This can be hit by your partner but it is hidden so it may be a little hard to find. It is filled with pleasurable nerve endings that can result in a deeper and much more satisfying [email protected] To help your partner along in finding this spot, try positions that allow for the most [email protected] such as d0ggy style. You can also try going into the missionary position with your legs all the way back and feet by your ears, although stretching is recommended before trying this one!

The next spot is called the [email protected] crescent. It is an internal space between the G spot and the cl!toris. It becomes much more sensitive when both the cl!toris and the G spot are stimulated at the same time. The G spot is a soft spongy area inside the front wall of the vag!na, about 2 inches in that feels like a bump. Use two fingers to stimulate this. At the same time have your partner stimulate the cl!toris with their tongue or fingers.

Many women have found that just one or both of these spots are the way to have one of the best and most intense [email protected] possible so give it a try!



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