Unbelievable: Woman Eats 30,000 Calories Daily To Set Record as Biggest Bride In The World


By: Krystle Crossman

There are a lot of different lengths that brides will go to ensure that they fit into their wedding dress on their big day. They will crash diet right before the wedding or will do insane workout routines in the months before. But bride-to-be Susanne Eman went in a whole different direction. She ate 20,000 calories per day to ensure that she would gain weight.

In June of 2012 Eman weighed in at 540 pounds. But that was not enough for her. She had one goal in mind and that was to be the world’s largest bride. She was aiming to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. She first hit the new circuit in 2010 with her story of how she wanted to end up at 1,600 pounds. She would go to the grocery store with her two sons and fill up eight shopping carriages full of food. She would then go home and eat 20,000 calories per day to try and reach 800 pounds by 2011. She did not reach her goal of 800 pounds by 2011 so she decided that she needed to eat more calories. She is now at 30,000 calories per day.

She hired a tailor to help make her dress. In 2011 she needed over 45 feet of fabric just to make a dress that would fit her then, but she was still intent on gaining weight. Her soon-to-be husband is a chef and had no problem with her gaining all of this weight. Eman has never been a slim person and after weighing in at 490 pounds and finding that certain types of men were attracted to her, she decided that it was time to gain more weight. Doctors have been warning her that this is not a healthy avenue to take but she claims that she still exercises regularly to make sure her muscles are strong enough to support the weight and takes her blood pressure every week.

Her wedding dress was so heavy that it took three people to carry it. She got married and then went on the Dr. Phil show. He convinced her that this was not a healthy lifestyle and admitted her into a weight loss clinic. She left her husband because he was not happy about her decision to lose weight. So far she has lost 200 pounds and is back down to 500. She hopes to continue the weight loss and become healthier.


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