Unbelievable: Woman Gives Daughter Tapeworms To Be Skinny For Beauty Pageant


By: Krystle Crossman

Beauty pageants for young women and children are very popular. Mothers will enter their daughters in these pageants because they believe that their daughters have what it takes. Some mothers however take it too far. Women are putting make-up on toddlers. They make them prance around on stage and teach them to look down on others who are not as “pretty” as they are. They have them dress in outfits that sometimes are not age appropriate. Many of these women are also extremely hard on their daughters. They will criticize them every chance that they get. They tell their daughters that they didn’t practice hard enough or that they didn’t do well enough on their talent. Some of them tell their daughters that they are gaining too much weight and will be too heavy to every win a pageant. Imagine what that is doing to the self-esteem of these young girls? One mother in Florida took things much too far when she admitted that she had secretly fed her daughter a tapeworm in order to help her lose weight for the pageant that she was in.

There is a show on the Discovery Fit and Health channel that is called Untold Stories of the ER. One pediatric nurse, Maricar Cabral-Osorio, was working at the hospital when a teenager came in with a very bloated stomach. The staff at first thought that the teen may have been pregnant but during an ultrasound they found nothing at all. The girl then had to use the bathroom. A few minutes later they heard screaming. The nurse went in to find a toilet bowl filled with tapeworms that were still writhing around. She said that some were even trying to get out of the toilet bowl.

Since the tapeworms had left the girl’s body Cabral-Osorio reassured her that she would be just fine but they were all wondering exactly how she became infected with tapeworms. She said the girl’s mother’s face went white and she began apologizing to her. She said that she only wanted to help her lose some weight before the next pageant. While she did not give her actual live tapeworms she did admit to giving her daughter pills that contained tapeworm eggs.



  1. Great article Krystal. How can a parent stoop so low as to give her daughter tape worms to keep her thin. She needs to have her child taken a away. She is very much un- balanced and needs counseling. Let’s hope she receives the help she needs and that her daughter gets help also.
    It is sad for a young woman to feel her whole life revolves around being skinny!!!

  2. The Truth of it all on

    Shes not black or the would be a picture of her with the article. Otherwise she’s white. What’s don’t want to embarrass a white woman now does we.

  3. Believe it or not this used to be common place. We discussed this in my psych class. My professor said they would sell the tapeworm eggs along with the product to get rid of them for weight loss.

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