Unhappy? This Could be the Reason Why


downloadBy: Isabella Carson

Do you find yourself to be unhappy without a real reason to be? We all have those moments. You may find that one day everything is great and then the next day you just feel empty. There are some common reasons that may be why you are feeling so down:

1. We are always trying to accomplish some type of goal. It could be getting a better position at work or losing some weight. Even if you accomplish these things you may still feel unhappy. It could be because you have lost the true meaning of your goals. Think back to why you set out to accomplish these things in the first place. Think about what drove you to make these goals and you will be happier with the results.

2. There are times when you may be waiting for something to happen. You may be waiting for an answer to an important question. You may be waiting for a call about a new opportunity. Sometimes when we are waiting for something important we tend to focus only on that and nothing else. This can lead to you being very unhappy as you won’t focus on the good things that you already have in life and only focus on wondering why that thing that you are waiting for hasn’t happened yet.

3. You cannot be happy all the time and if you think that you can be you are doing yourself a disservice. We all have those times when we are down in the dumps. You need to give yourself time to be sad, mad, and gloomy.

4. You may be thinking about the reason that something isn’t working more than the end result. This is not going to get you anywhere. You need to think about the results and look to see what you were hoping for and what the actual outcome was. This will help you to devise a solution instead of focusing all of your time and energy on the reasons that something fell through.

5. You like things to be new and fresh all the time. This is called the honeymoon stage and you are constantly searching for it. If you lease a car because you want a different one every year or if you are changing jobs at a rapid fire pace because the excitement wears off after a while, you are bound to make yourself unhappy when you hit a roadblock and cannot find that new and exciting thing that you think you are craving. Enjoy what you have while you have it and try to hold on to things for a while.


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