Unleashing Your Erot!c Capital: Get a Better Job, Mate, and Be Happier?


Turner, Tina - 1983 - Private DancerBy Staff Blogger

Glee said it best…”Just be you and the s*xy will flow through”.

Celebrities like Beyonce, Denzel Washington, and even Tina Turner have what some call “er0tic capital”. This is not just about being attractive on the outside, but having an attractive personality and  social skills, along with a healthy dash of confidence. If you harness your capital correctly you could land a better job, better mate, and be happier in life.

Sociologist Catherine Hakim says that there are six different parts to er0tic capital:

1. Beauty

2. S*xual attractiveness

3. Social skills / likeability

4. Liveliness

5. Style

6. S*xual competence

Just having one of these traits can make you look great, but they all have to be combined to maximize your capital. Hakim states that men have more of a libid0 than women do, so women need to know how to fully maximize the er0tic capital. This of course is just a generalization as there are relationships where the woman has a much higher libido than the man.

“Men’s demand for s*xual activity and erotic entertainment of all kinds greatly exceeds women’s interest in sex,” Hakim writes. This means s*x has a market value, and women have the potential to leverage their ability to supply men’s demand for it.

Sadly, in the society we are living in today, some women feel the need to compete with p0rn stars and strippers. It almost seems as if this er0tic capital theory is striving to make women more like these p0rn stars and strippers.

Attractive people tend to have better jobs and get paid better. They are often treated more favorably than their perceived non-attractive counterparts.

The thought behind erotic capital and harnessing it is that women can get more power by unleashing what they have to offer without going to the extreme of turning into p0rn stars. Men have erotic capital as well. They key for both s*xes is learning how to leverage it.


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  1. Why does it always have to be about…"look this way, act this way…get more, have more". In the end we all end up as dust and the key to getting into heaven has nothing to do with what job you had, who your mate was, how sexy everyone thinks you are. Superficiality is a waste of a good opportunity to do something meaningful with the dash.

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