Uproar Over Ciara’s Best Friend Sitting on Russell Wilson’s Lap


By Victor Trammell

Internet outrage has ensued after some photos went viral of a woman named Yolanda Frederick and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.

Frederick is R&B singer Ciara’s makeup artist, good friend, and former bridesmaid at the singer’s wedding. Ciara and Wilson married last summer at a beautiful ceremony in Europe. However, these viral photos (in which Frederick is intimately sitting on Wilson’s lap as the two have their arms around each other) are raising a lot of questions.

Many people on social media, women in particular, are questioning Fredrick and Wilson’s loyalty to Ciara. The popular opinion about this is that under no circumstances should a woman be sitting on the lap of her female friend’s husband.

Not only did Frederick serve as a bridesmaid for Ciara, but Ciara served as Frederick’s Maid of Honor when the celebrity beautician got married in Cancun during the summer of 2012. Frederick has worked as a makeup artist for a number of notable women in entertainment, including singer Jennifer Hudson.

But during Wilson’s recent Nike commercial shoot, the multi-million dollar franchise player for the Seattle Seahawks shot a Facebook Live video during some downtime on the set.

In Wilson’s Facebook Live video, Frederick comes over to him and sits down in his lap upon the quarterback’s request, according to TeaServedCold.com. During an intermission on the set of Nike’s commercial, Wilson was asked in an interview about his religious beliefs.

When Wilson was through interviewing, he asked Fredrick to sit on his lap so that he could ask her a few questions prior to having to complete the commercial shoot. Wilson introduced Frederick as “the best makeup artist in the business” and seemed very comfortable with her. She seemed mystified during the experience.

Wilson’s pregnant wife Ciara was nowhere to be found on the set of the commercial shoot. However, Wilson did mention her well-being when he was asked about her during his interview. This whole scenario begs a nagging question that has been on everyone’s mind: Is Frederick too close for comfort when it comes to RussCi?

Source: http://teaservedcold.com/2017/03/ciaras-former-bridesmaid-caught-sitting-on-russell-wilsons-lap-backstage-of-nike-commercial-pics/


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