Usher’s Wife Speaks Out On Instagram About How She’s Handling His STD Ordeal


By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: OK Magazine

The last couple of weeks did not fare well for singer and performer Usher (pictured right).

In the middle of last week, Radar Online, a digital media outlet for tabloid celebrity news broke the story about a woman receiving a $1.1 million dollar settlement from Usher. The woman is a former bridesmaid for and good friend of Tameka Foster, Usher’s first wife.

The woman’s name is Maya Fox-Davis. Several years ago, she filed a lawsuit against Usher seeking damages after the Grammy Award winner caused her pain and suffering by knowingly giving her genital herpes. Usher paid Fox-Davis a seven-figure settlement to avoid the embarrassment of going to trial.

The damning details contained in the court documents, which got leaked by Radar Online were quite disgusting. However, a new woman has come forward who claims that Usher has knowingly given her genital herpes as well. During a segment of today’s episode of “The Talk,” details of this new revelation were explained.

The woman (whose name has not been released) is seeking $20 million in damages and claims that she had unprotected sex with Usher twice without him revealing to her that he was infected with genital herpes. If these latest allegations from this new woman who has come out of the woodwork are true, it will pose more problems.

Usher’s second wife is a woman he’s currently married to named Grace Miguel (pictured left). In the midst of all this public turmoil that is surrounding her husband, Miguel has spoken out on Instagram about how she is dealing with all the drama surrounding Usher’s herpes allegations.

One of the messages Miguel posted reads as follows:

“Imagine if you took care of yourself The way you do a new love interest. If you listened to yourself with loving ears. Worked hard to solve your own problems with a great attitude. If you started every day saying something beautiful that you love about yourself. If you made sure that the best of everything was around you. Wanted to impress yourself with new adventures and exciting things to do. If you were determined to prove to yourself how amazing you are. If you were dating that person would you be looking for someone else? #HappyattractsHappy #Fillyourselfupwih️” (Grace Miguel’s Instagram Page)

For now, at least on the surface, it appears that Usher’s wife is choosing to stand by her man.





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