Venus Williams Causes Fatal Wreck in Florida, One Man Dead


By: Krystle Crossman

On June 9th, 2017, Venus Williams was traveling Northbound on Steeplechase Drive in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She crossed the intersection where Steeplechase turns into Ballen Isles Dr. Her SUV darted across the intersection causing her to be in the direct path of the Barsons who were headed Westbound on Northlake Boulevard. The Barsons collided with Williams, t-boning her SUV on the passenger’s side. Jerome Barson suffered severe head trauma in the accident. He was rushed to the hospital but after two weeks in the ICU, the 78-year-old man died from his injuries. His wife suffered broken bones and other injuries in the crash but she is expected to live.

The police investigation was completed and the police stated that Williams was at fault for the wreck because she should not have been traveling in the intersection at that point in time. Williams claimed that there was heavy traffic and it caused her car to jut out into the intersection in the spot she was in. She had been trying to make it across the intersection while the light was changing to red but heavy traffic on Ballen Isles Drive caused her to have to come to a sudden stop which left her in the middle of the intersection. She has been unavailable for comment thus far. There is no word yet on whether charges will be filed. Police reported that there was no evidence that Williams was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and there was also no evidence that she was looking at a cell phone or distracted in any way. She is expected to compete in Wimbledon next week.

Williams is favored 12/1 to win at Wimbledon this year. She has stiff competition but is still one of the favorites. As of the beginning of 2017, Williams is ranked World No. 11 for women’s singles. She went pro at the young age of 14 in 1994. She and her sister, Serena, became household names very quickly. It has been said that they have paved the way for a new era of women’s tennis. Williams has won Wimbledon five times in the Grand Slam Singles tournaments. She has also won the US Open twice. Williams also has four Olympic gold medals and one silver.



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