[email protected] Dryness? These Common Issues Could Be Why You Are Experiencing It


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

As we age a lot of things change within our bodies. One of the things that many women notice and become concerned about is [email protected] dryness. This is one of the signs of menopause but there are also other reasons as to why this can happen. So before jumping to any conclusions that are probably false, check out these five reasons from New York ob-gyn Alisa Dweck as to why you may be experiencing this:

1. Cold medication – If you have a cold and you are taking medication that has an antihistamine in it you are bound to experience some dryness. The antihistamines are meant to dry up the mucous membranes in your nose so that you can breathe again. Unfortunately they also dry out other mucous membranes on your body too. As soon as you stop taking these medications things should return to normal.

2. Giving birth – After you have a baby your hormone levels drop significantly. Since estrogen is a hormone that regulates lubrication you will notice that things are a little dry until your hormone levels are back to normal. If you are [email protected] this may take a little longer as you are still using up those hormones for lactation.

3. Stress – Stress can do a number on your body. It can cause you to become sick more often than usual, you lose sleep, you gain weight, your hair can fall out. Stress also does a number on your libido. If you are feeling stressed out you are not going to be as in the mood as you may normally be and it can take you longer to get warmed up again. Try to relax and focus on your partner as opposed to the stress in your life.

4. F0replay – S*x is not like you see in the movies or on TV. It isn’t just a kiss and then getting right down to it. A woman needs to be warmed up first! A little f0replay will go a long way.

5. The Pill – The birth control pill is one of the most common culprits of [email protected] dryness. Reduced lubrication is a known side-effect but it is more uncomfortable for some than others. Dr. Dweck states that she suggests to all of her patients that come to her with this issue that a store-bought lubricant should do the trick.


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