Video Shows Police Wrongfully Blamed Venus Williams In Fatal Accident


By: Krystle Crossman

Last week Venus Williams was under fire for being found at fault in an accident that occurred on June 9th, 2017 that left 78-year-old Jerome Barson dead. New evidence has surfaced that has changed the verdict on the accident. Surveillance video was turned over by the security booth at a gated community near Williams’ place of residence that shows that the tennis pro was not at fault and was driving lawfully. Williams has been under scrutiny since the news broke that the police had found her at fault initially. She was heartbroken over the accident. She was also facing a lawsuit from Barson’s family. Now that has all changed with the new evidence that has come into play.

The security footage, which has been released by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, shows that Williams exits the estate complex and waits as the car in front of her crosses the intersection. It then shows Williams going through the intersection when the light is still green but she is then cut off by another car that is taking a turn through the intersection. She is forced to hit the brakes on her car which then causes her to become stuck in the intersection. The video then shows Williams’ SUV being struck by the Barson’s Nissan.

Prior reports from the police department stated that Williams was at fault for the accident because she was in the middle of an intersection during a red light and was blocking the flow of traffic that had the right of way. Williams had told police that she was stuck there because of traffic in the intersection. Barson’s wife was driving the car at the time of the accident. She also sustained injuries. Jerome Barson suffered a major head trauma and then ended up in the ICU for three weeks before he had passed away. His family was suing Williams for wrongful death. They stated that the police department was also getting in the way with a full investigation as they would not release the video initially and also would not release either of the impounded vehicles.

Williams is currently in England competing at Wimbledon. She has had multiple press conferences about the accident in question but none since this latest development.



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