[email protected] For Women? Time To Get Your S*xy On Ladies!


Viagra pillBy Staff Blogger

[email protected], a medication that is put out by Pfizer, is made for men. It helps them to gain an e-rection and increases their libid0 when they suffer from an ailment such as e-rectile dysfunction, or they just can’t seem to get ar0used. Many feel that it is not fair for the men to have a medication that can enhance s*x while women have to fend for themselves on top of worrying about the birth control. Fear not ladies, help may soon be on the way!

Adriaan Tuitan is the inventor of an up and coming drug called Lybrido which is currently undergoing testing. He plans to present his research to the FDA as early as the summer of 2013. One of the most interesting facts about this new drug is that it not only targets the woman’s reproductive system, but her psyche as well.

[email protected] contains testosterone and helps get blood flowing to all of the right areas. Lybrido does this as well, and contains a small amount of testosterone however it also targets serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Serotonin has the ability to suppress the libido while dopamine enhances it. Lybrido targets both and increases the dopamine while keeping the serotonin at bay, thereby enhancing a woman’s awareness of arousal and increasing her pleasure.

During the study and testing of this drug, it was found that women become bored with their s*x life more quickly than men do, when they are in a committed relationship and this is why they have trouble when it is time to have marital “relations”. The pill seems to be targeted more towards these women and not towards the crowd that likes to go clubbing and have one night stands. More will be learned from the research as it is presented but it seems to be an exciting drug on the horizon, for married women at the very least.