Waist Training: Would You Try This New Fitness Trend?


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By: Krystle Crossman

There are so many new fitness trends out there these days that it is hard to keep track of them all. Recently Zumba has blown into popularity as well as CrossFit and even twerking for toning exercises. Now there is a new trend popping up called waist training. This is not for everyone, especially those who tend to over indulge in anything that they do such as going to the gym too much or eating far more than they should. Waist training is about discipline and willpower.

So what is waist training? Basically waist training is when you train your body to suck it in! You wear a corset, waist cincher, or a girdle to help keep your waist in place. Some of the benefits of doing this are that you can have a smaller waist line but you can also develop better posture. As stated above, this is NOT for everyone. It takes discipline and the self-will to know when you are doing it too much. Many women will either give up because they are not getting the results that they want quickly enough or they will keep doing it too much and risk serious harm to their bodies.

If you decide that this is something that you want to do for yourself there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Start slowly. You don’t want to jump headfirst into this and have a corset on so tight that you can’t breathe. You need to start out with the corset loose and then as time goes on you can pull the strings a little tighter. Another thing that you should remember is to put your shoes on before you put the corset on otherwise you will look pretty silly attempting to get them on. Make sure that you drink a lot of water and avoid anything with carbonation since the gas will make you bloat. And finally you will want to have someone help you into the corset. It is so much easier to have someone else tie the laces!


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  1. Having worn a corset (used to be an actress), I will say that it’s easier than you think to get used to, and the waist training happens gradually. You change your breathing pattern (breathing through the sternum) and as long as you’re not planning on exercising you don’t miss it. By the end of a month my corset much tighter than when I started and wearing it for 4 to 8 hours a day. I could dance in a corset. As long as you don’t go to extremes like this woman does corsets can be fun. I don’t recommend eating in them. Overeat and you’ll be figuring out how hard it is to puke in a corset.

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