Wanda Sykes Talks To Oprah About Being a Gay Black Woman In Hollywood


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Wanda Sykes is a well-known comedian. She was the voice of Granny in Ice Age: Continental Drift, played Wanda in Wanda at Large, along with being the voice in many other animated movies and television shows. She has been ranked in the top 25 comics by Entertainment Weekly. She won an Emmy in 1999 for her role in The Chris Rock Show.

Recently Wanda sat down with Oprah Winfrey in an interview where she touched upon discrimination. Oprah asked her what she felt she was being discriminated for: being black, being a woman, or being gay. Wanda laughed and said that it is confusing because she is the “trifecta of discrimination”. She said that it goes back to her family too because they were worried about what people in the black community would think when they found out that not only was she a minority, but she was admitting that she was gay as well.

Sykes has done many different projects that push back against homophobia and try to teach people about tolerance. She made a PSA for the LGBT community that showed her scolding a kid with humor because he spoke badly about people being gay. In May of 2009 she was invited to be a performer at the White House Correspondants’ Association dinner. This made her the first black and openly gay performer in history to get this role. She first came out in 2008 at a Prop 8 rally.

Between her acting and stand up jobs she is active in fundraising and spreading awareness about equality and gay rights. She said that she was devastated when Prop 8 was voted on and continued to fight against it even after the vote.



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