Wanting “big booty” Leads to Death in Butt0cks Injection Cases


injection ladyBy: Krystle Crossman

Many women believe that they must live up to the appearances of celebrities. Some will even go so far as to get black market or underground cosmetic surgery. The conditions are less than favorable and often times downright dangerous as some women have died or were severely maimed after getting these procedures done.

One woman from Georgia went to Mississippi to get butt0cks injections. The woman who performed the botched procedure, Tracey Lynn Garner, injected silicone into the woman’s butt0cks for $1,500. The Georgia woman died a few days later from blood clots in her lungs that were directly associated with the procedure. Garner is currently in prison awaiting trial for the charge of depraved-heart murder. She is also being charged with the murder of an Alabama woman who died after injections.

Apryl Michelle Brown, a 46 year old woman from California was tired of the teasing and name calling about her backside. She said that people called her “pancake butt”. She was at her beauty salon and a woman told her about the injections. She thought it sounded like a great idea, so she went and got the procedure done. She followed up a little later with even more shots. Soon the injection sites became extremely painful. When she went to the doctor she developed a staph infection that almost killed her. She lost both of her hands and her feet.

Doctors will not do buttocks injections as they are not safe, even when done by trained professionals. There are butt lifts and implants that are much safer. The average buttocks implant costs $4,670. There are many warnings out there not to have these black market procedures done, yet people still continue to do them in their quest for the ever-elusive perfect body. Maybe, they should realize that they are beautiful the way they are.



  1. How can women possibly "realize that they are beautiful the way they are" when the media, the beauty industry and the fashion industry CONSTANTLY harp about women's bodies 24/24? It takes a very strong mind and spirit to withstand the never-ending criticism from these industries, which most women do not posess. Also, add to this the fact that men have swallowed these standards of beauty hook, line and sinker and outright reject any women who do not measure up to those standards. It is not difficult to understand why some of us get so beaten down by the constant BS and subject our bodies to these risky and dangerous procedures.

  2. Ones self worth shouldn’t be more than the size of her ass! How humiliating to be referred to as “tail, side piece”, the woman with the ass. Our young black women are insecure about their looks, anything to attract attention. Mother and daughters being sold on the block by the size of her ass…her ass the slave master of the century. How many times, I’ve heard women in desperation trying to attract a man, is to have a big ass!

    Really! Grown Men have no business referring to Women in this way! It’s like adopting the white slave master mentality, putting the black women on the block, to size her anatomy for sale! One’s self worth should be more.

  3. I am proud of my small rear-end. I could care less if people call me flat behind, pancake, sliding board, etc. My husband would rather have a wife with a petite behind than a big, blubbery, cottage cheese and out of shape obese behind. I’d like to see more of my Black sisters with this type of positive mindset, and not worry about some ignorant and demeaning standard that shallow and uneducated men want us to adhere to. Just like these ignorant men don’t want women to hold them to a particular standard (generalizing all of us Black women having the same exact body type), then they should not hold us to unwanted and unreasonable standards. I’ll shout this to the world: WOMEN, LOVE YOURSELVES THE WAY GOD CREATED YOU!!!!

    • I agree that women should love themselves!!! But that includes the big blubbery cottage cheese butts too. Don’t be so quick to talk negatively about someone with a shape different than yours. I’m sure your husband loves what he has…just like the man with that big obese booty wife ma’am. #stopjudgingpeople


  5. No sympathy for black women on this subject. Its your fault anyway….you all whine about black men not respecting you yet every time you look around black women are angry at Kim Kardashian for no other reason that black men think shes hot and has a hot body especially her but. Then you all start hollering about your own butts as if black women havve a monopoly on big cabooses. Just jealous of KK because shes gorgeous. Every pic a black female celeb takes shes got her butt pointing towards the camera. No elegance, no sophistication, no class, but hey you can twerk in public and think its cute. Black men want you to twerk and make your butt clap but theyre not running out in droves buying engagement rings and wifing you up…65% of you have never been married. So next time some stupid black girls get butt injections you can blame yourselves for making big butts instead of brains, intelligence, intellect and class, a priority.

    • Whattt? You have a lot of nerve talking about black women. They have held their men down through centuries of oppression,job loss, racism, and death. They are remarkable strong women and if their men would appreciate them more none of this would be an issue.

  6. Oh, please shut the Hell up, if anything
    Kim Kardashian is trying to emulate women
    of color by injecting this poison into her
    naturally deflated a** cheeks and parading
    around as if she’s naturally endowed that
    way. Why should I be envious of any women
    who has to go out and pay for what Mother
    Nature has gifted me with from birth! And
    Kim Kardashian, minus the cosmetic enhance-
    ments is basicly just another average looking Armenian chick! Don’t believe me, google early photos of her; this broad has had more plastic surgery than Phylis Diller.

  7. Why not look into fat transfer? These girls all are getting butt injections and still don’t have a man for their own. Only superficial men look. Real men don’t care too much about big asses.

  8. What the hell is so great about having a big a**….I hate having a**
    I get touched….talked about….all kind of mess..so to practically kill yourself for a a** you.have no confidence….and that’s to bad

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