Watch: 100 Year Old Falls On Her Face And Still Sets 100M Record


By Victor Trammell

Not even 100 long years of living could stop Ella Mae Colbert (pictured) from trying to do something the average centenarian would even think about.

At 100-years-old, Colbert didn’t just try to match the world record, which was set last year for the fastest 100-meter dash for a centenarian. She broke the record with flying colors. However, it didn’t start off the way she would have wanted. After Colbert ran for the first time, she fell down on her face just a few meters past the starting line.

“I think I started off too fast,” Colbert told WSPA 7,  a local news station in Chesnee, South Carolina.  After falling, Colbert simply placed a Band-Aid on her face and returned to the starting line-up.

“You’ll have some trials and you’ll have some things get in your way but you don’t let it get you down. Get up again,” she continued. Colbert’s fall toward the beginning of her first trial run didn’t demoralize her.

Once Colbert re-entered the race and gained her footing, she ended up finally blasting the record for finishing the 100-meter dash in just 46.79 seconds. The last centenarian that professionally finished a 100-meter dash did so in 77 seconds. Colbert’s edge for possessing the physicality to dominate in track and field began when she was in high school.

“I’d been running from high school and I got a little bored,” Colbert also told WSPA 7.

Colbert was also an elementary school teacher in the Chesnee, South Carolina public school district for 36 years. She credits those years with making her into the strong and vibrant centenarian she is today.

“I always wanted to teach….[I always tell kids to] always look straight ahead and they’ll wonder how you got to the goal so fast,” she said.

Please watch Colbert’s historical victory below:




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