Watch: Dr. Oz in Hot Soup For Promoting Weight-loss “Miracle” Products


By: Krystle Crossman

Senator Claire McCaskill is putting Dr. Mehmet Oz under the microscope for hocking “miracle” weight loss products. He says that he stands behind the products that he advertises and believes that they work as well as he says they do. The Senator told him that when he advertises these products on television it creates an “Oz Effect” where people who scam others into buying weight loss pills take advantage of the sales that he is creating and cheat hard-working people out of their money. They think that if Dr. Oz has put his stamp of approval on it, it must be worth spending a ton of money on.

Take a look at the video:

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He says that advertisers for products that are scams are inspired by the language that he uses when he is speaking about the products. He says that he is passionate about them and that leads to some colorful words such as “amazing” and “miracle”. She tells him that he should be saying these words when describing how amazing a walk on the beach at sunset feels or how incredible you feel when you have gone for a great bike ride.

Dr. Oz is fighting the accusations against him for false advertising. There are many different companies that use his name and photo for their ads as an endorsement but most of these companies are scams. The FTC has gone after some companies because they used video from Dr. Oz’s show without consent in their advertisements.

Do these products actually work? Who knows. There is not enough evidence to say yes or no at this point. Senator McCaskill tells Dr. Oz that the scientific community does not back him on the products that he tells people about because none of them are FDA approved and there is not enough scientific evidence to support the claims that he is making. Dr. Oz says that he will make up a list of products that he truly believes will help people.


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