Watch: Kenya Moore Embarrassed After Tumbling and Falling


kenya catwalkKenya Moore loves attention and she loves drama so it should come as no surprise that she was loving walking down a runway in Las Vegas as a crowd watched and cheered her on.

The problem with yet another one of Kenya’s 15 minutes of fame is that she did not anticipate a humiliating moment where she would tumble and fall in a dramatic way. The “house wife” loves drama but this may not be the drama that she was looking for.  To her credit, she did get back up and still rock the runway as if the fall was part of her dramatic catwalk. Watch the video below:

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According to

Kenya Moore ate some serious carpet Saturday during a Vegas high-rollers competition.

Kenya and other “Real Housewives” from all the franchises were each paired with 4 real high rollers in competitions that included … well, a lot of lame games. The shindig was held in front of a big audience at Caesars Palace.

One game was teaching the high rollers how to walk a runway. A confident Kenya sauntered down the aisle but bit the dust.

The way she recovers is truly impressive … one of the best recoveries we’ve seen.




  1. Truly impressive recovery? She made a total fool of herself with all that ridiculous “weave whipping”. She should have just stood up like a lady and toned down theatrics.

  2. Doing a weave whip after taking a tumble is not ‘impressive’. Beyawance taking a tumble down a flight of stairs during one of her shows was more impressive and entertaining than Kenya’s.

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